All students older than 3 years of age at Shayne Reese Swimming are offered a FREE assessment to determine their swimming abilities and ensure they are placed in a level that best suits their needs. During your FREE assessment, one of our friendly On Deck Supervisors will answer all your questions and also discuss the process we will take moving forward.


This is a great way for you to find out more about Shayne Reese Swimming, talk to one of our friendly team members and also for us to get to know you and your child.


All families at Shayne Reese Swimming that enroll their children in the INFANT AQUATIC program and are under the age of 3 years, are given an induction and facility tour before their first lesson. This is to answer any questions you may have and just to make sure everyone is comfortable before swimming lessons start. If you would like a FREE Swimming Lesson Assessment or Facility Tour, please click here.

Shayne Reese Swimming offers a learn to swim program that ‘runs all year round’, where swimmers can start and finish at any time. This means we run lesson continuously, including throughout the school holidays. The continuity of lessons play a crucial role in your child’s learning and development of life-long skill such as swimming and water safety. This is why we encourage year round participation.


Shayne Reese Swimming’s perpetual lessons model is the ideal solution for parents who are interested in balancing their busy schedules while keeping their children’s swimming skills sharp. There’s no need to re-book at the beginning of every term. Once you have made a booking for a particular day and time, that lesson remains yours until you inform us otherwise.

Depending on your child’s age, swimming lessons at Shayne Reese Swimming are available from Monday to Saturday mornings between 8.15am till 1.00pm and Monday to Friday afternoons between 3.30pm till 8.00pm.


Feel free to Contact Us and organize a FREE Swimming Lesson ASSESSMENT and we’ll let you know what days and times we have for your child’s level. Please note, we don’t run lessons on Public Holidays.

Shayne Reese Swimming is proud to offer the smallest class sizes in Ballarat! Many facilities in the area have bigger swimming lesson class sizes – which is not ideal for your child’s aquatic development. Larger class sizes means that your child gets less attention, development is slower and they are distracted more easily.


Our INFANT AQUATIC swimming classes have a maximum of only 6 students and parents/carer per swimming instructor - which allows our teachers to assist each parent and baby throughout activates.


Our TRANSITION swimming classes have a maximum of only 3 students per swimming instructor - which guarantees a smooth transition from parent in the water to parent out of the water!


Our PRE SCHOOL swimming program and LEARN TO SWIM classes start with a maximum of only 4 students per swimming instructor - this means that your child gets more one-on-one time with their instructor, which allows them to further develop their swimming abilities quicker.

Shayne Reese Swimming is a GOLD Level Austswim accredited swim school, and we are also a Swim Australia and Australian Swim Schools Association registered program. All our teaching staff hold nationally recognized swimming instructors qualifications and certificates in CPR, First Aid and Working With Children certificates.

Of course you can! Actually, we encourage you to come in and have a look around at our state-of-the-art swim school facility and review the way we conduct our lessons.


Even better, all our INFANT AQUATIC enrollments at Shayne Reese Swimming are given an induction and facility tour before their first lesson, to answer any questions you may have, and just to make sure everyone is comfortable before they start.


Students older than 3 years are given a FREE assessment, where one of our On Deck Supervisors will answer all your questions and also discuss with you the process we will take moving forward. Of course, if you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Shayne Reese Swimming provides all the essential equipment during swimming lessons to ensure your child has fun, and most importantly receives quality aquatic tuition. It is compulsory for all our babies to wear firm fitting aqua nappies which are available from reception, and parents should wear a loose fitted t-shirt which will assist your child’s gabbing and gripping skills during class activities.


Remember to bring a towel for BOTH you, and your bub!


It is highly recommended that all Pre School and afternoon Learn to Swim students wear proper fitted goggles, cap and firm fitting bathers – this does not include board shorts, rash vests and bikinis.

No we don’t.


We want to teach your child to swim as quickly as possible. In our experience teaching swimming with aids like arm band floaties and back bubbles creates a “false sense of security” for the young swimmer, which can be dangerous!


Another reason we don’t like to teach with floaties and back bubbles is because they tend to keep the child’s head and body in a vertical and incorrect position in the water, which can develop bad habits and make the swimming process harder. Also, most accidents that happen when children are in and around the water - usually don’t involve the young child being “ready” and fitted out with floaties.

We get it, life with kids is unpredictable! That’s why our year round program has the added benefit of offering our families UNLIMITED ‘Make Up Lessons’ at no cost – you get the lessons you pay for!

If you are unable to attend your regular day and time due to sickness, holidays or for unexpected things which sometimes pop up, all you need to do is mark your absence via our Parent Portal or App prior to the start of your lesson and choose a make up lesson convenient to you!

As long as you’re currently booked into lessons and your fees are up to date, you have 60 days to use it!

Make Up Policy:

  • Make Up lessons are only offered if notified absences are made PRIOR to your regular lesson start time via our Parent Portal or App.
  •  Swimmers must have an active enrolment in order to use Make Up lessons.
  • Make Up lessons will expire after 60 days from notified absence.
  • Make Up lessons can only be booked up to 5 days in advance.
  • Make Up lessons cannot be exchanged for a refund or credit.
  • Make Up lessons apply to the individual swimmer only and are not transferrable.
  • If the Make Up lesson is cancelled or unattended, the lesson will be forfeited.
  • We cannot guarantee Make Up lessons with a specific teacher or your preferred time. Make Up lessons are subject to program availability.

Absolutely! As a valued and loyal client, we offer our families ‘Lesson Suspensions’ for any student who is unable to attend two (2) or more consecutive weeks due to holidays or illness, to a maximum of four (4) weeks per calendar year! This means we will hold your spot in the program for four (4) weeks per year at no cost!

Direct Debit payments will recommence after four (4) weeks. If you require more extended time off, we advise that you take advantage of our unlimited make up lessons which can be redeemed at a time that suits you.

Simple & convenient fortnightly ‘Direct Debit’ payments encourages continual skill development with no re-enrolment process. Instead of grouping the cost of lessons into one large Term fee which is payable in advance, our smaller more manageable fortnightly payments are automatically withdrawn from your nominated bank account or credit card.

Shayne Reese Swimming has no start up fees, lock in contracts or cancellation penalties.

At Shayne Reese Swimming we understand that family life is constantly changing, and therefore at any time you are free to take a break or finish up your lessons with notice of 14 days PRIOR to the next debit period.

To discontinue your lessons simply login to your Parent Portal online or via our app and request an Enrolment Drop. Non-attendance is not a reason for Direct Debit to cease, as it is the customer’s responsibility to notify the swim school of any changes to their enrolment, including cancelling their enrolment via our Parent Portal or App.

Our year round program breaks over the Christmas and New Year period. Direct Debit payments will be paused during this closure and will automatically recommence after this time. It’s important that your contact details are regularly updated via our Parent Portal and App to ensure you receive our correspondence.

Lessons are not conducted on public holidays. If you miss a lesson due to a public holiday closure you will not be charged and your account will not be debited for that lesson.

Shayne Reese Swimming does not offer refunds. In the event that a scheduled lesson is cancelled due to pool closure or major incident, Shayne Reese Swimming will issue a make up token to each student. For extended closures, Direct Debit payments will be paused and families will not be charged during this period of closure.

We do not offer monetary refunds or credits due to non-attendance/missed lessons or change of mind.

Our class times are created to accommodate busy schedules like yours. If your schedule changes, simply login to your Parent Portal online or via our app and request a Enrolment Transfer to a day and time that suits!

Maintaining Immaculate Water Quality is something we do better than anyone else in Ballarat!


Our brand new, state-of-the-art, purpose-built, private indoor facility has been designed for teaching swimming all year round in the perfect learning environment. Using an Advanced Automated Monitoring Filtration system coupled with Ozone and Ultra Violet (UV) Technology guarantee’s our water is of highest hygienic quality and heated to 32.5 degrees all year round ensuring the comfort of even our 3 month old infants!

At Shayne Reese Swimming, you’ll see our ON DECK SUPERVISORS moving around pool deck assessing your child’s progress and liaising with teaching staff and parents to ensure our program is running at the high standard we expect it to be.


They are caring, very approachable, super friendly and extremely knowledgeable - so please feel free to approach them at anytime and have a chat. They love to talk about your child progress, our program and anything to do with swimming really!

To answer this question is quite simple – we do the little things in and out of the water better than anyone else!


It is great to be known as the leading swim school in Ballarat, however we are also known throughout Australia in the aquatic industry as one of the top providers of swimming lessons that has small class sizes and gets fantastic results.


Shayne Reese Swimming wants to ensure that you and your child have the best experience possible when it comes to learning to swim. We are a technique driven swim school that has developed a comprehensive learning program to suit every student.


Each lesson taken by your child has been developed, fine-tuned and carefully planned to help your child progress at their own rate and within their own individual capabilities without the use of floatation devices such as arm band floaties and back bubbles.


We aim to build life-long skills that will ensure students continued enjoyment of the aquatic environment in its many forms. We are proud to provide you with Learn to Swim lessons, that promote an active and healthy lifestyle.