The Olympic Games are such an exciting time! To witness the world’s best athletes all coming together and battling it out for their country is something truly amazing. I’m so excited to share with you a series of short videos highlighting my own Olympic experiences from the Athens 04’ and Beijing 08’ Games.

You’ll get to see footage and photos from my very own private collection. Giving you a backstage pass to life in the Olympic Village, what it’s like being part of that Australian Team Culture, stepping out on Pool Deck and hearing the crowd roar and rubbing shoulders with the world’s best athletes.

I hope you enjoy them 🙂 ,,


See below the latest videos from “The Olympic Experience – with Shayne Reese”

Leading into the Olympics

Desire, dedication, commitment, and hard work is just some of the attributes you need to be the best. Striving for 4 years to accomplish an Olympic dream, I believe you really need to love what you do.

Living in the Olympic Village

Having over 10,000 athletes living in an Olympic Village at one time is a surreal feeling. For two weeks we are in our own little part of the world. Preparing & competing for our country and enjoying all the perks of what an Olympic Village has to offer.

Pool Deck atmosphere

The atmosphere and energy you feel when you walk out onto pool deck before a race is incredible. The sight of the crowd filled stands, the sound they create as you step foot onto pool deck, makes you feel so proud to be representing your country and that’s when you realise you are a part of something special.

Starstruck by celebrities

As you can imagine the Olympic Games aren’t short of a celebrity or two.Trying not to be star struck when you pass a well know sportsperson is a little hard at times, but every now and then you just have to pull out your camera and be a diehard fan!

The Closing Ceremony

An amazing way to finish off two weeks of competition. Athletes, support staff and fans coming together with music, entertainment and fun to celebrate so many incredible achievements is a great way to wrap up the games.

Touching down on home soil

Everything we have strived for these past 4yrs has come to an end. Although it’s a little sad, we are all excited to be heading home to see our family and friends and being able to celebrate with them what was an unforgettable experience.

My amazing support team

The emotional roller coaster you experience with your support team and family is impossible to explain. The ups, downs and everything in between, so many memories and lifelong friendships made. I cannot speak highly enough of my training group and support team who helped me throughout my career.